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Druids have a great affinity for Nature, often preferring to live in the company of the animals and trees than among their own kind. They develop a close bond with many creatures and the forests they serve, becoming highly protective of what they think of as home. They are widely considered the Guardians of Nature and are known to train their skills in a fairly structure less manner out in the wilds. Druids lead a fairly feral life in order to be with Nature, with the exception of Wood Elves who's capital city is built high up in the trees. This can lead them to have an uncouth or uncivil manner, but is commonly nothing more than a lack of knowledge in the accepted (and expected) social courtesies.

Druids are heavily dependant on magical abilities and as with other spell casters, draw their magical power from their deities, complementing that power by calling upon natural forces and mystical spirits. Their magic is more primitive than that practiced by the High Elves and Arcane professions but has more than enough potency to rival them. Druids are quite use to long periods alone in the wilderness and have developed a very self sufficient set of abilities and spells. They are one of the most capable classes as individuals and in many ways function more effectively alone than when with companions.

Among a Druids spell casting abilities are healing, highly damaging blasts, spells that cause a low amount of damage but that keep it going over a period of time and spell lines known as snares and roots, which 'freeze' an enemy to the ground (roots) and slow their movement (snares). The combination of these often allows a Druid to fight monsters far above an equal stature in combat and gives them a significant advantage over many professions when hunting for experience or treasure. In addition to these magical abilities Druids have a very useful foraging skill and the ability to track creatures (including humanoid ones), but only those in a close vicinity to the tracking Druid.

Druid Races

Half Elf, Halfling, Human, Wood Elf


Druids are mainly spell casters, though they do have some limited martial combat abilities. They are capable of using blunt weapons (such as clubs and staffs) and a limited set of bladed weapons (mainly scimitars and the odd claw). The spell casting ability of a Druid is largely determined by their wisdom, and at all but high levels will benefit from increasing this statistic more than any other.

When in direct melee combat Druids don't tend to last long, they can only wear light (usually leather) armour and have few hit points compared to the more physical classes. Druids have limited skill in the ability to dodge blows, with a fairly generous level of training achievable in certain types of weaponry. Stamina and agility are the statistics that help determine defensive effectiveness for Druids, with strength having a small but noticeable effect on the offensive.


1. Make increasing your wisdom a priority when you begin, it determines the size of your mana pool and ultimately how efficient your spell casting abilities are.

2. Learning to tailor can be a useful skill throughout your career, buying from a friendly tailor is always an option but you may appreciate the possible income later on.

3. A high Stamina and agility will give you a small boost to your combat abilities, but as protective (and preferably wisdom enhancing) armour as you can afford may be a better investment.

4. Don't forget to put enough money aside for your spells, they are one of your most important and useful tools. A powerful scimitar or matching suit of leather may look good but in many situations they won't be anywhere near as effective as your spells.

5. You get a spell that increases your movement rate early on (spirit of the wolf), it can save your own and your companions lives when its used well, remember to cast it whenever you can (especially in dangerous lands or areas new to you).

6. Many of a Druids spells (including spirit of the wolf) cannot be cast when in indoor zones, including dungeons that are popular among many adventurers, try to stick to the outside ones if you can.


With thanks to Farkas (Halfling), Jonro (Halfling), Lionpaws (Human), Kriket (Wood Elf) and Zaanth (Wood Elf) of the Karana server for being the Druid screenshot models!



Casters Realm - http://eq.crgaming.com/menu/druid.asp

Very handy information on many Druid related topics, including an epic walkthrough and creation guide.


EQ Druids - http://www.eqdruids.com

One of the most active EQ class forums and loads of great content by Druids for Druids.


EverQuest Druids - http://www.everquestdruids.com

Great quest guides and an extensive library.


Norrath Druids - http://www.norrathdruids.org

Information on spells and their research, specialisations, alternate advancement, factions and the Druid epic.


The Druids Grove - http://www.thedruidsgrove.org

Another site dedicated to Druids, in both EQ and EQ 2, has a popular forum and a dedicated Druid community.

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